Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Chapter

   Nothing ever goes as planned for me. Nothing. Even if i spent 2 years planning. It still wouldn't go as i planned it. Some recent examples: (enjoy) :)

1.) so i just started driving to school because i can (it's a senior thing). Hahaha jk it's whoever has a licence thing. But i was driving my mom's dodge durango. Since September 1 i have locked the keys in twice. (in the same night), backed into a ditch (had to be towed out), ran over a trailer, and ran over a garbage can. 2 weeks ago it wouldn't crank so i had to ride the bus that week. Then it got fixed and my step-dad's truck messed up so he drove my mom's truck. and i rode the bus. Back at point one.
2.)saw this person in walmart! thought he was someone i knew so i yelled his name.... yea it wasn't him. (this happens almost everyday)
3.)at church we will be singing and i cant sing but i go for it buddy. Everyone will quit singing and I'm still going for it..... above everyone else... hahaha its bad.
4.)Study all night for a test.. next day, i find out i studied for the wrong one.

These are just chapters in my life that make me who i am, make me laugh, and make me say "the story of my life". :)

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