Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Chapter

   Nothing ever goes as planned for me. Nothing. Even if i spent 2 years planning. It still wouldn't go as i planned it. Some recent examples: (enjoy) :)

1.) so i just started driving to school because i can (it's a senior thing). Hahaha jk it's whoever has a licence thing. But i was driving my mom's dodge durango. Since September 1 i have locked the keys in twice. (in the same night), backed into a ditch (had to be towed out), ran over a trailer, and ran over a garbage can. 2 weeks ago it wouldn't crank so i had to ride the bus that week. Then it got fixed and my step-dad's truck messed up so he drove my mom's truck. and i rode the bus. Back at point one.
2.)saw this person in walmart! thought he was someone i knew so i yelled his name.... yea it wasn't him. (this happens almost everyday)
3.)at church we will be singing and i cant sing but i go for it buddy. Everyone will quit singing and I'm still going for it..... above everyone else... hahaha its bad.
4.)Study all night for a test.. next day, i find out i studied for the wrong one.

These are just chapters in my life that make me who i am, make me laugh, and make me say "the story of my life". :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Perfect Love Story

   When i was little, I played dress up with my princess dresses. (Secretly, I still do) :) I dreamed about meeting my prince charming and had so many perfect scenarios where he would fit in. You know, walks on the beach in the moonlight, kisses in the rain, a white horse, and a fairytale wedding. Yea right!! I might not even get the teardrops on my guitar. Will I ever get to be a princess?!
   I'm sure Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Snow White didn't think so either. Wait, I think Ariel and Snow White already were. Anyway, you get the picture. But I guess that's exactly where I'm headed with this. I am a princess. It doesn't get much more princessier than me! Why? Because I am the daughter of the King of kings! And while we probably won't ever get married :), we will live happily ever after in Heaven.
   I never expected to have a love story like this. I kinda expected this really cute, punk dude to sweep me off my feet so he could borrow my converses! :) But hey I'm satisfied with a humble God that died for me. Take that all you Romeo's! My Prince saved me and died to do so!! I'm so glad He's the one writing my love story because I would've ended up having to buy a new pair of shoes.

                                           (But seriously, I don't even own converses, but that's because I don't want a
                                             cute punk dude to steel them <3)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Enjoying a Rainy Day

         Every one's had those days. You know. The ones that could've been better. The ones that you wish you could've re-done or re-lived. It's the ones where nothing goes right, nothing goes as planned, or nothing goes like you wanted it to. Those days are the rainy days. Those days are ones we take for granted.
         We live in this messed up society that takes its bad days and cusses at them or wishes they weren't there. Of course that is not how we should act. I mean, I know we all have "bad days" but are those really "bad days" or are they good days with outstanding opportunities to make a difference in someone Else's bad day?
        We really need to define a "bad day". Is it when our car breaks down? Is it when we are late for work? Is it when we didn't get an assignment turned in on time? Is it when we fail a test? Is it when a boy we like doesn't like us? Where does it end? What makes a bad day? It could be any of these, right? Or maybe we should try looking at this from someone Else's perspective. How about not having groceries and watching your family starve to death. Being homeless. Not being able to by your kids Christmas presents. Not being able to pay bills. Watching your unsaved parents/children/other family members die and know that they were not saved. Are our "bad days" really bad days? Or are we just looking for reasons to complain and be selfish when other people are having real bad days?
       It's time to wake up to the world around us. The world that is full of hurting people. The kind of people that need a smile and a hug and to be told they are loved. Our "bad days". Our problems. Our bad hair days. The selfishness needs to end. Because there is no reason to pout over not getting a pair of shoes you wanted and letting that ruin your whole day.
       I seriously don't think bad days exist. I think every day is a good day; and some good days have really bad moments. But I believe if we are breathing, that's good enough reason to be thankful and make is a good day. Our days are numbered. When we look back, yes, we will see some bad moments, but they made us stronger so that we could enjoy our good days even more.
       So next time you find yourself having a "rainy day" just curl up with a book, watch the rain from the window, turn on some Jane Austin movie, and drink a cup of awesome hot chocolate (and don't forget to put on an over sized t-shirt with cozy socks)!!!